How to get involved in research

3 thoughts on “How to get involved in research”

  1. You have missed out the most vital aspect: we can be the actual researchers. Only preconceptions stop us and lack of funding. Being the researcher gives us so much: feelings of being in control and needed, keeps the brain going etc..

    1. I deliberately left this option out, as I think it is as ill-fated as researchers doing research without people affected by a disease. In the end, it is the expertise of both sides which creates the best research, instead of one or the other doing the research themselves.

      1. With all respect, academic researchers, by their need for lots of money (eg an income), cannot write quickly and need Reviewed. Our researchers only need money for publishing. Also, people relate better to people in the same situation as them; not looked down on, as we are sometimes! Also, we write in an easier style; no long words or references to theories, all we want are practical ideas to enable us. There is room for us and medical Papers. To be honest, do academic Papers make much difference to policy? My brother is an academic and his Papers are totally useless to the real world. We have constant “discussions”! about their purpose. I studied at York Uny in 2020, I’m/mature student, they brought out a great big expensive long Paper on poverty, the Profs and Guardian etc loved it, nothing changed! Quo Bono? The academics; further research money and fame, not the subjects. All I want is research to be beneficial…

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