Rare dementia series – Posterior Cortical Atrophy

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  1. I have visual disturbance Alzheimer’s – caused by damage to my parietal lobes. As well as a blind spot I see some surfaces as covered in hair…and I problems seeing dark things. This leads to some weird things: I have a dark brown suitcase with black zips, which I now struggle with as I can’t see where the zips are. I recently lost my tweedy slippers as they visually merged into the carpet. Trying to explain these things is difficult: Alzheimer’s organisations assume my memory should be fading which it isn’t; organisations for the visually impaired are left perplexed.

    We are starting to understand that sensory issues are possibly more common amongst people with Alzheimer’s than has been supposed. My plea is for people to understand that it’s a complex condition: and that individuals differ. Please beware of making easy assumptions about what someone with Alzheimers can or cannot do.

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