Menopause and dementia risk

2 thoughts on “Menopause and dementia risk”

  1. I am a believer in the hormone therapy. I have
    Never stopped taking mr hormone even since my hysterectomy . I am 81+ and still take it. I have been an avid user all these years. I noticed the change in my mother when she was going thru the change and told myself if I ever get there I will take hormones and I have always.
    When my gyn retired he said to me, Rae hormone therapy has been good for you, I would say to keep on taking them. I always took them at 5pm daily.
    All my family knows when it is 5 o’clock somewhere that I take my medication.
    I would say to every woman to take them ongoing.
    I was really glad when they developed a generic
    So young women that is my contribution to
    The situation. And I am very serious.

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