Rare dementia series – Corticobasal degeneration

Rare dementia series: Corticobasal degeneration One of the least understood rare forms of dementia is Corticobasal degeneration. Many people will have never heard of this type of dementia, including many clinicians and healthcare professionals. So, let’s explore Corticobasal degeneration. What type of dementia is it? And does it overlap with other dementias? Let’s find out. … Continue reading Rare dementia series – Corticobasal degeneration

Alcohol and dementia

Alcohol and dementia – Many people are not aware that alcohol consumption can be a potential risk factor for dementia. How can alcohol influence our risk for dementia? Is this a risk we need to be aware of when consuming alcohol? Let’s find out. Alcohol Alcohol is the most common accepted societal drug. Most of … Continue reading Alcohol and dementia